Messiah Lutheran supports a number of mission areas in the community.  These include:

  • Partnership with E.D. Nixon Elementary School.
  • Support and involvement with the ENRICH program, a community service effort that provides support to youth.
  • Messiah/Thrivent Food Distribution to residents of the Jeff Davis Apartment complex.  This facility provides housing to individuals with disabilities. On a quarterly basis, Messiah in partnership with Thrivent Financial generates donations to purchase food from the Montgomery Area Food Bank, which is then distributed to the residents.  Members of Messiah and other local Lutheran congregations provide volunteer support in organizing and distributing the food. On an annual basis, nearly 10,000 pounds of food is provided to the residents of the Jeff Davis Apartment complex.
  • Utilization of Messiah Facilities by other community service groups.  Known as our "quiet" ministry, Messiah recognizes the value of sharing what it has with other programs in the community.  Currently we provide meeting space for two programs providing education and mentoring to young women.  Additionally we share our worship space with another church that currently does not have a facility of its own.

Our Mission

Saved by the redeeming grace of God,  we proclaim Christ crucified through worship, service and love of neighbor.