Rev. Randy Jones, Pastor

office: 334.277.4213



Pastor Randy is a second career pastor who spent 16 years as an electrical engineer in the military radar industry. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. He and his wife Kelly were married at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1981. They have a daughter, Kara-Sha, who lives and works in Roswell, Georgia.

Pastor Randy is by his own admission a theology junkie. He loves to read and talk theology with anyone who is interested. His passion beyond the parish includes ecumenism and as the Synod Ecumenical Officer, he works to further Christian unity in many ways. He is actively involved with many of the pastors and priests of the Montgomery area.

Pastor Randy also enjoys woodworking, a talent he inherited from his father and grandfather. He also likes to restore old tube style amplifiers. On occasion he even designs and builds an amp just to keep his electronic skills in shape. He loves the Blues and Southern Rock music and can often be found at a concert here in Montgomery.

Pastor Randy is also very involved at the synodical level of the church. He is the dean of his cluster which includes six churches. As the dean, he represents the bishop to this segment of the Southeastern Synod and is pastor to the pastors of these churches. Besides being the synod’s Ecumenical Officer, he is also the synodical Constitution Reviewer.

Worship is Pastor Randy’s greatest love in his ministry. It is here that his heart may be found simply because “in worship, gathered around the living Word and the Sacraments, we concretely encounter the crucified and risen Christ. Worship is where the presence of our Lord is renewed within us and we are built up for the mission our Lord has given us - carrying Him who we have received into the world.”

Our Staff

Elizabeth Strickland, Office Administrator


phone: 334.277.4213

Eunhee (Annie) Ashley, Organist/Pianist

Tara Severance, Music/Choir Director

Sandra Bivins-Tutt, Nursery Supervisor

Beth McEwan, Facilities Maintenance


Our Mission

Saved by the redeeming grace of God,  we proclaim Christ crucified through worship, service and love of neighbor.