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February 2019 Worship Assistant Schedule

February 3
February 10
February 17
February 24
ALTAR Peg Walker Ricky Craig Diane Davis LuAnn Marz
8:00 AM Jeff Bohman Jeff Bohman Jeff Bohman
10:45 am Diane Davis & Ricky Craig Madeline Burkhardt & Iola Williams Tina Ruffa & Ricky Craig LuAnn & David Marz
CRUCIFER 10:45 am Jaehee Ashley Jamie McCune
GREETERS 8:00 am
10:45 am Charlene Struve Katrina Matzer Hataways Charlene Struve
LAY ASSISTANT 8:00 am Duane Brookhart Doris Underwood Doris Underwood
10:45 am Tara Severance Judy McCune Elsa Larsen Kay Owens
LECTOR 8:00 am Chris Bergman Doris Underwood Steve Wright
10:45 am Ricky Craig Chris Bergman Jamie McCune Chris Berman
USHERS 8:00 am Jim Willoughby Chris Bergman Steve Wright Chris Bergman
10:45 am Iola Williams Diane Davis & Tina Ruffa Kenny Struve Ben & Josie Severance
If you are unable to fulfill your volunteer obligation on the date assigned please contact the church office as soon a possible. 277-4213 or

Our Mission

Saved by the redeeming grace of God,  we proclaim Christ crucified through worship, service and love of neighbor.